Ledarnas ordförande deltog vid Tripartite Social Summit

Annika Elias, ordförande Ledarna och CEC-president

Annika Elias, ordförande Ledarna och CEC-president, deltog den 18 oktober i ett toppmöte om arbetsmarknadsfrågor inom EU – Tripartite Social Summit – och representerade CEC och Eurocadres. Läs hennes tal!

Under våren 2012 valdes Ledarnas ordförande, Annika Elias, till president för CEC. Mandatperioden sträcker sig från och med våren 2012 till och med våren 2015. Som ordförande för CEC hoppas Annika Elias arbeta för att stärka chefernas roll i Europa.
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Annika Elias tal vid Tripartite Social Summit:

"Managers play a key role in the labor market. In order to achieve the crucial transition from a Europe in a severe economic crisis with high unemployment rates to a Europe with more people working and taking part in the society, we need to acknowledge the importance of managers.

The managers do not only have the responsibility to run profitable businesses. A truly thriving organization needs a much more insightful culture of leadership; it needs managers who succeed in motivating co-workers and create means for people to perform to the best of their abilities.

By providing an atmosphere where every individual is allowed to develop their skills and competencies the managers will make the companies more profitable and make it possible for more people to be included in the workforce.

Given the managers decisive role in promoting growth in the EU it is highly alarming that we in the years to come will face a shortage of managers at all levels: The CEC will soon publish a report which shows that a lot of regions in Europe risk facing a severe shortage of managers in the years to come. There are several reasons for this.

I will just point out two:

A lot of older managers retire much too early. It is important for both companies and the public sector to enable managers to continue in order to pass on their knowledge to a younger generation. To be a manager is a demanding occupation, no matter what level of management you operate on. It is important that the conditions for the older managers are addressed and acted upon.

There is also a large group of potential managers that will choose not to pursue their careers: the well-educated housewives of Europe. In many countries women will get a high education, start careers and then withdraw from the labor market when they have children. This means that a large number of competent individuals are not contributing to the economy of EU. Efforts to move out of the economic crisis must go hand in hand with efforts to create a gender-equal Europe. 

The task we have set ourselves is large but the CEC is convinced that we can reach the highly set goals if the managers of Europe are allowed to take on full responsibilities and are given the necessary tools to perform."


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