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Sweden needs new managerial competence. Managers' Express is an intensive program of education, workshops and professional networking. It provides immigrants with the necessary Swedish specifics for managers, hands-on career coaching, useful contacts with companies and recruiters. And more.

Managers' Express is four days of intensive education, workshops and professional networking. All free of charge. There is no guarantee for an immediate employment, but the program will give you the necessary knowledge of the Swedish specifics for managers.

The program is hosted and sponsored by Ledarna – Sweden’s Organization for Managers. Ledarna knows that Sweden needs managers with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. At all levels. They will add the competence and new perspectives vital for companies and organizations when dealing with the challenges of our time. A more diverse management will also attract more of those potential employees recently arrived in our country.

  • So are you one of those managers?
  • Have you been in Sweden no longer than four years?
  • Are you looking to quickly improve your prospects to get a job relevant to your talent and professional experience?

Apply to Managers' Express!

If you have any questions please contact:
Magnus Berg at magnus.berg@ledarna.se
Mouddar Kouli at mouddar.kouli@ledarna.se
We promise to respond directly.

The next Managers' Express takes place on October 24th trough 27th 2016 at Ledarna’s head office, St Eriksgatan 26 in Stockholm.


To apply for October 24th-27th you should fit the following criteria:

  • You can read and speak English (the program is mostly in English, so Swedish is not mandatory)
  • You have previously been a manager or run your own company for more than two years
  • You have an academic degree of some sort
  • You have been in Sweden for no longer than four years (permit of residence holder or asylum seeker)

Now kindly fill out this form including a short personal letter and your CV (in English or Swedish) before October 12th, 2016. Twenty-five applicants will be approved and contacted before October 17th.

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Application to Managers' Express

Your personal data will be stored and processed digitally in accordance with the regulations in the Personal Data Act. This is for administrative purposes only.
Your personal data will not be transferred to any third party. You may at any time withdraw your consent to the registration or request Ledarna to change or erase the stored information.

Program October 24th-27th 2016

Day 1 (October 24th)

09.00-09.30, Registration
09.30-10.00, Welcome by Annika Elias, chairman at Ledarna
10.00-11.00, Program, expectations, personal introductions
11.00-12.00, Hands-on career advice
12.00-13.00, ...continued over lunch
13.00-15.00, The Swedes, drivers and beliefs
15.00-15.15, Coffee break
15.15-16.30, External immigrant manager, Q&A’s
Homework assignment

Day 2 (October 25th)

09.00-09.30, Reflections on Day 1
09.30-12.00, Swedish management
12.00-13.00, ...continued over lunch
13.00-14.00, Swedish management, conclusions
14.00-15.00, External manager, company introduction
15.00-15.15, Coffee break
15.15-16.15, The Swedish labor market
Homework assignment

Day 3 (October 26th)

09.00-09.30, Reflections on Day 2
09.30-12.00, Swedish labor laws, basics and soft advice
12.00-13.00, ...continued over lunch
13.00-14.30, External manager, company introduction
14.30-15.00, The Express Movement, introduction
15.00-15.15, Coffee break
15.15-16.45, Entrepreneurship in Sweden, hands-on advice by IFS
17.00-19.00, Video recordings, photos, interviews (“Movement” materials)

Day 4 (October 27th)

09.00-09.30, Reflections on Day 3
09.30-10.30, Jobs today and tomorrow
10.30-11.30, Further career advice and summary
11.30-12.30, Current job opportunities, meet Proffice (recruitment company)
12.30-13.30, ...continued over lunch
13.30-14.30, External manager, company presentation
14.30-15.00, The Express mentorship program
15.00-15.15, Coffee break
15.15-16.15, Meet Ledarna´s management group
16.15-17.00, Summary, Managers’ Express Certificates

After day 4

Further services from the career advisors, interviews with recruiters at Proffice, company contacts, pitching business ideas with IFS, mentor dialogue, social media networking and promotion (“The Movement”), follow-up meetings at Ledarna and more.

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