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About The Female Leaders of the Future.

Sweden’s professional organization for executives – Ledarna – presents its annual list of the country’s top female leaders in May 2017. In its 11th consecutive year, the Framtidens kvinnliga ledare list compiles 75 top executives from a wide range of sectors. Not limited to Sweden, many of the candidates work for international companies and are stationed abroad.

The list is compiled by a jury who evaluates several hundreds of resumes. The candidates are benchmarked against criteria such as results and achieved position, personal attributes and potential. To ensure top candidates qualities, the talent research company Women Executive Search interviews referees.

The purpose with the activity is to turn the notion of leadership as a male arena upside down, meanwhile highlighting top talent and strong leadership. These women become role models, and the list generates tons of national and industry coverage where each and every one share their individual success story.

To qualify for the list, the candidate may not be older than 35 and have a managerial position. Coming from different sectors, the annual list award’s the previous year’s achievements.

Uppdaterat: 2017-04-25

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Eliza Kücükaslan, utsedd till Framtidens kvinnliga ledare 2014

Lyssna när Eliza Kücükaslan, tidigare bland annat vd för Milvik i Ghana och Framtidens kvinnliga ledare 2014, gästar podden Chefsrådgivarna.

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