Regarding Request for negotiation

A negotiation request means that one of the parties, either the union or the employer, makes a request to negotiate a certain matter with the other party. The receiving party is obliged to negotiate. The request should entail what you would like to negotiate and enclose all relevant attachments.

Please use our contact form Förhandlingsframställan when requesting to negotiate.

Please provide Ledarna with necessary information, according to the template below, in the fields of the Contact form.

A maximum of five (5) documents can be attached via the contact form.

You can also use the template below and submit eventual attachments to

Please write ”Request for Negotiation” in the subject field of the email.

Once we have received the negotiation request, we will register the case, and our aim is to respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Basic template with descriptive sample text

State in the subject field what the negotiation is about.

Example: ”Termination due to redundancy.”

Write a brief description.

Example 1: ”The Company is planning to give notice due to redundancy. The aim is to adjust its business to our economic situation. The Company is, by its membership in an Employers Association, bound by a collective bargaining agreement for salaried employees, (which one). Since one of Ledarnas members may be affected of the proposed organisational change we hereby ask you to participate in the proceedings.”

Example 2: ”Supporting documents to be addressed at the forthcoming negotiation are attached.”

State law, section, and your claim.

Example: ”Primary duty of negotiations to Section 11 of the Co-Determination in the Workplace Act (11§ MBL).”

State where, and with whom the negotiation can take place.

Example 1: ”Please contact undersigned to find a suitable date and time for negotiation.”

Example 2: ”We suggest that the negotiation will be held by CEO/HR in our premises date/time. We wish to hold the introductory information together with all unions concerned, after which the respective union will have the possibility to hold individual negotiations with the Company if so requested.”

If the case concerns multiple locations, please state which locations are affected.

Affected members names.

If you already know who / which members are affected, we would like you to notify us, also let us know whether they have been informed or not. Generally, we do not provide membership lists upon request.

Contact information.

  • Contact person's name, telephone number and email address.
  • Company name, organisation number and postal address.

Please use our contact form Förhandlingsframställan to make a negotiation request.