Previous participants

These are the participants that successfully completed previous rounds of Managers’ Express. They are now better equipped to get closer a job within their field. You can check their LinkedIn profiles by clicking the names under the group photos.

If you want to know more about them, please contact Magnus Berg at 070-329 22 88 or

Managers’ Express, August, 2017

Back row: Abdullah Ajami, Fadi Abou Baker, Zakaria Al Mostafa, Magnus (Ledarna), Sameer Memaary
Second row: Hedayatullah Hamra, Adel Filo, Diana Ion, Shatha Sadeq, Kseniia Shymoniuk, Elissa Germanous, Ehab Ghafeer
Third row: Mohamad Allatif, Noor Malek, Hisham Alaidi, Hongmei Zhang, Walaa Tebakhi
Front row: Maher El Sayed, Mouddar (Ledarna)

Managers’ Express, May, 2017

Back row: Magnus (Ledarna), Mevlut Yildiz, Yonas Tewelu, Duane Shepherd, Sukru Konakci, Mithgal Al Hariri
Middle row: Ahmed Ali Ismael, Ekta Tripathi, Mouddar (Ledarna), Ziad Mohamed, Shailendra Gupta, Elaine Zhou
Front row: Elena Ursu, Paola Flores, Daniel Zemen

Managers’ Express, February, 2017

Back row: Josip, Abdullah, Nematullah
Middle row: Mouddar (Ledarna), Mhd Ghiath, Olivier, Asad, Micheal, Magnus (Ledarna)
Front row: Navleen, Zahra, Ali
Absent: Samar, Takklat

Managers’ Express, October, 2016

Back: Nizar, Khan Agha, Mohammed, Charbel, Abboud, Nafi, Hassan, Ahmad, Metin, Kinan, Magnus (from Ledarna)
Front: Rami, Stuti, Sadia, Jwa, Kristina, Kabiro, Christine, Riema
Absent: Moussa, Bilal

Managers’ Express, August, 2016

Back: Milad, Imad, Warujan, Wondemagegn, Magnus (from Ledarna), Khaldoun, Saad, Alaa
Middle: Feras N, Qutaiba, Omar, Maral, Amjad, Evin, Mujtaba, Feras A, Ibtisam, Shakib, Roula
Front: Fouad, Mouddar (from Ledarna), Younes, Amer
Absent: Muneer