We represent managers exclusively

By representing only managers, with no conflict of interest and no double loyalties, Ledarna can claim to be the only organization of its kind in Sweden. We are Ledarna - Sweden’s organization for managers. We play an active part in supporting our members as individuals – both as managers and leaders and as employees – but also strive to improve the overall conditions for managers as a group.


Being a manager comes with several challenges. Developing leadership skills is a complex and important task that require professional support and guidance. At Ledarna we strive to provide managers with the tools needed to face the everyday challenges of being both a leader of others and an employee.

The management community

We believe that everything starts with the individual, without neglecting the importance of a strong community of fellow professionals. A membership in Ledarna gives access to a professional network with a wide range of possibilities, consisting of more than 90 000 managers in all fields allover Sweden.

Ledarna also represent Sweden in the European confederation of managers - CEC - which represent about 1.5 million managers all over Europe.


Ledarna is a democratic organization. This means operations are governed by our members through the democratically elected board, and executed by management and office organization.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about us and our offer, call +46 8 598 99 000.

Uppdaterat: 2013-09-27

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