As one of our members, you are provided with the advice and support needed to carry out your everyday leadership responsibilities.

We make you a better manager

The membership covers union services and leadership development. We want you to improve your leadership skills, which in turn increases your confidence as well as your success as a manager.

Career advice

Want to take the next step in your career? Looking for advice? Let our in-house career coaches help you. As a member of Ledarna, sessions are included at no extra charge.

Personal managerial advising

Ledarna offers members personal and professional service and negotiation support. Contact us at 0200-87 11 11.

Income insurance

Income insurance is included in your membership. You can receive up to 80 percent of a maximum monthly income of SEK 80,000 for 150 days. Supplementary insurance covers up to 80 percent of a maximum monthly income of SEK 120,000 for 250 days. Ledarna’s income protection provides you with proper financial support, should you become involuntarily unemployed.

Salary statistics for managers

What do other managers earn? Ledarna offers an exclusive tool where members can easily compare salary levels. Our salary statistics are the market’s most comprehensive resource, covering all different sectors and levels.

Your leadership profile

Our quiz offers you the chance to identify your skills as a manager. By reacting to different statements, the profile enables you to capitalize on your strengths rather than weaknesses. The profile analyzes your skills in different areas of management, and the results can be easily applied to job-hunting, performance reviews, or when drafting your resume.

Courses and seminars

As a member of Ledarna, you can take courses and seminars at no extra cost. Each semester we offer more than 50 activities in more than 20 different locations across Sweden.

Tidningen Chef – the No.1 leadership magazine

As a member of Ledarna, a subscription to Tidningen Chef is included. Chef is the largest magazine in the Nordics, covering leadership, management and career.

Personal coaching

Want a fresh perspective and new approaches when tackling the daily challenges of a manager? Our in-house coaches are here to help. At no extra charge, you can book an appointment in our calendar.

Personal and property insurance

As a new paying member, Ledarna offers basic insurance protection at no additional cost for the first three months. You will also have access to competitive insurances for your home, your properties, and your car.

Negotiation support

Ledarna offers personal and professional advising for managers and support in negotiations. As a member, you are also entitled to legal assistance in judicial processes.

Agreement auditing

As a member, you may contact our service at any time for personal advice. Our advisors know what should and should not be included in your employment agreement.

GDPR and personal data

How we treat our members’ personal data (English)