Membership for the self-employed

We will help you review your consultancy agreement; you can discuss your challenges with our advisers, and you can enhance your skills with courses and webinars. Read about the services included in the membership fee for the self-employed.

You can read about everything that is included in membership of Ledarna on the Membership page. If you are self-employed, you may want to take an extra look at some of these services:

  • Contract review and employment advice
    We help you with reviewing the terms of your contract before you sign a new consultancy agreement.
  • Personal management advice
    We understand the challenges and situation you face as a self-employed person in terms of management and leadership issues. Discuss your dilemmas with an experienced adviser.
  • Career advice 
    Ledarna’s career advisers all have extensive experience in management and providing advice. They can help you create a structured and inspiring career plan. You can book three focused sessions per year.
  • Executive coaching
    Do you want a new perspective on the challenges you face or to reflect on the quality of your management skills?You are entitled to three separate telephone sessions, and you can decide whether you want to highlight several topics or a specific challenge.
  • Courses and webinars
    Deepen your knowledge, reflect on your management skills, be inspired, network and exchange experiences with other participants.
  • Income protection insurance
    Your Ledarna membership includes income protection insurance which, together with an unemployment insurance fund (a-kassan), can amount to approximately 80 per cent of your salary if you become involuntarily unemployed. Contact your unemployment insurance fund to find out what applies to you as a self-employed person.
  • Professional counselling support
    You can call Ledarna's counselling service anonymously when you feel that ‘everything is a bit much at the moment’ and you need help to sort out your thoughts.
  • Videos and podcasts (Swedish)
    Watch, listen – and improve your management skills. Our videos and podcasts will help you develop your management skills and improve your working day.

Limits to services for the self-employed

Two of the services included in Ledarna membership do not apply to you as a self-employed person, and these are support in negotiations and legal support for workplace disputes. However, legal support may be granted in disputes with an unemployment insurance fund or the Social Insurance Agency.