Contract review and employment advice

Are you unsure about your employment contract or consultancy agreement? Use Ledarna’s contract review before signing.

Contact the Management Advice Service for personal advice and contract review whether you would like help interpreting your employment contract or advice before you sign. Are you self-employed? Make use of our advice service to review your consultancy agreement.

Our management advisers review management contracts in all sectors and at all levels of management and therefore know what you should avoid or add to your employment contracts and consultancy agreements.

On the Manager’s Employment Contract (Swedish) page you will find information on what a contract can and should contain. Start by reading there. If you have any concerns, feel free to send in your contract for review. Remember to specify which part(s) of the contract you want us to review.

You can send in a contract for review via our contact form (Swedish).

Templates for employment contracts for managers

To help our members, we have drawn up templates for what an employment contract for managers and CEOs might look like. You can also make use of our draft management contract in English for managers who will be working in Sweden.

Template for employment contracts for managers (Swedish and English)

Templates for employment contracts for CEOs (Swedish and English)

Template for consultancy agreement in Swedish and English

If you are self-employed – use our template before signing a consultancy or assignment agreement.

Contract template for consultants