Legal support for workplace disputes

Members of Ledarna can be granted legal support for workplace disputes with their employer.

If Ledarna’s lawyers think a court case has a reasonable prospect of success, Ledarna will cover the costs of legal representation and also the costs of the other side if the case is lost. Any damages must be paid for by the member.

Ledarna can also approve legal support in disputes with an unemployment insurance fund (arbetslöshetskassa) or the Social Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan).

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Ledarna’s legal support terms

Membership of Ledarna includes eligibility in certain circumstances to receive legal support in a case. Legal support can be approved after a review of the dispute and the prospect of success in court.

Legal support can only be approved if the court case is to be heard in Sweden based on Swedish law.

1. The member can be granted free legal support

  • to protect their interests in legal employment disputes with the employer
  • to get representation if a legal action has been brought or undertaken in relation to the employment or the membership
  • to ensure their right to compensation in case of unemployment or sickness
  • to assert their rights in terms of their employment or their membership of Ledarna in court or in relation to other authorities.

The legal support being free means that the member does not have to pay for the costs relating to the court procedure, including costs of arbitration. Ledarna will pay for any court costs a member may be asked to pay if the case is lost (excluding any damages). If the case is won, Ledarna has a claim to any costs awarded to the member.

2. The member’s surviving family members can be granted legal support after a special review.

Legal support can be denied or withdrawn when the member

  • has hired their own legal representative, or
  • if they have acted, personally or through a representative, in a way that makes Ledarna’s handling of the case more difficult, in contravention of Ledarna’s values or in contravention of good practice in the labour market.

The rules governing legal support were approved in 2022 by Ledarna’s Board of Directors.