Membership insurance

As a new member of Ledarna, you automatically qualify for our welcome offer. This offer includes four insurance products, completely free for three months. You also have the option to extend your insurance protection immediately.

When you become a member you receive the following insurances, free of charge for three months:

  • Life insurance with additional cover for children – extra security for your family
  • Personal accident insurance – financial support both now and for the future
  • Sickness insurance – monthly compensation if you need to take sick leave
  • Lump-sum benefit insurance – a lump sum after 18 months off work due to illness

The four insurance products are valid provided you are fully fit for work. Find out more at

You also have an option to extend your insurance protection immediately, at no extra cost during your complimentary months. Our membership insurance products with Trygg-Hansa can insure you, your family, your home and your car at a reasonable cost with generous discounts.

After your initial complimentary months, you will receive an advice of payment from Trygg-Hansa. If you pay the fee, the insurance policies will continue to be valid. If you do not pay, they are terminated automatically. The fees for the insurance products vary according to the insurance policy amount and your age.

Read more about insurance for new members at

If you already have an insurance product with Trygg-Hansa, you can log on to Mina sidor at Trygg-Hansa (Swedish) to buy or amend a product, or find the terms and conditions for your insurance product.

As a member of Ledarna, you can contact Trygg-Hansa on +46 (0)771-111656.

Insurance review

What protection do you need and want? As a member of Ledarna, you can book an appointment for an insurance review directly on Trygg-Hansa’s website.

Income protection insurance and life insurance for the unemployed are already included

When you are a member of Ledarna, you always have Income protection insurance and life insurance for the unemployed (Swedish) included in your membership fee.

Special offers

From time to time, we offer favourable discounts in collaboration with Trygg-Hansa, and as a member of Ledarna you will be contacted about these offers. If you do not want to receive more offers from our partner Trygg-Hansa, you can decline them at the time of contact.