Unemployment insurance fund (a-kassan) – not part of Ledarna

Membership of Ledarna does not mean that you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa). Hence you need to choose an unemployment insurance fund separately.

When you join Ledarna, you can either stay with your current unemployment insurance fund, choose a new one, or choose not to join one.

Even if you decide not do be a member of an unemployment insurance fund, you can receive compensation from the income protection insurance that is included in the Ledarna membership. However, the total compensation will be lower than if you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund. You can calculate your potential compensation from our income protection insurance at Bliwa.se (Swedish).

All unemployment insurance funds have the same terms for compensation, but their fees may vary. Contact the unemployment insurance fund of which you are a member or which you are interested in, to find out more about how compensation from the fund works.

List of unemployment insurance funds

You can find a list of unemployment insurance funds at Sveriges a-kassor(Swedish). Among them is an unemployment insurance fund called Ledarnas arbetslöshetskassa(Swedish). It is aimed at managers, just as Ledarna is, but it is independent of our organisation.

Income protection insurance is included

What is included in our membership is an income protection insurance, which supplements the compensation from the unemployment insurance fund if you become involuntarily unemployed.