Professional counselling support – when you need someone to talk to

Professional counselling support is exactly as it sounds – someone to talk to when you need to. You can discuss personal or work-related issues and remain anonymous.

You decide what you want to talk about, whether you want to talk about personal or work-related concerns, and you’ll get professional help to sort out your thoughts and feelings.

The professional counselling support is free of charge and it’s included in your Ledarna membership. You can call 24/7 and remain anonymous.

How professional counselling support calls work

When you call, you will speak to a counsellor, graduated from a School of Social Sciences, who is trained and experienced in talking to people who need support or are in a difficult situation. The first session will help you define the situation and clarify your thoughts. You can be completely anonymous on this call.

Many people find that they get the support they need in the first session, but there’s also a possibility to have further talks, up to three sessions per case, with a psychologist or psychotherapist. These sessions are subject to record-keeping, and you therefore need to provide your personal data, but there is still full confidentiality. All sessions are over the telephone.

  • Support is available 24/7 – all year round.
  • The professionals you talk to are all impartial and bound by professional secrecy.
  • You can discuss personal or work-related concerns.
  • The professional counselling support offered by Ledarna is done so in cooperation with Bliwa and Falck.
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Phone for professional counselling support

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Do you need to talk about employment law issues?

If you need a sounding board for issues such as the work environment, the remuneration process or organisational restructuring, contact the personal management advice (Swedish). We help you in your role as manager, but also to exercise your rights as an employee.