Career advice

Do you have more to give, but don't know how to advance in your management career? As a member of Ledarna, you are entitled to career advice. You can book three free phone consultations, directly on your booking calendar.

Ledarna’s career advisers all have extensive experience in management, coaching and advising. So, they can help you create a structured and inspiring career plan.You can also get support for the process of formulating goals and visions for your future professional life.

You can share your thoughts and questions about your CV, job interviews and possible career paths – and any other concerns you may have about your career as a manager.

Ledarna’s career advice gives you the insights, tools and inspiration to articulate your skills and goals.As you become more aware of what areas of competence you have, you also develop your leadership skills.

Examples of issues we have helped other managers with:

  • I want to advance in my career in management – what do I need to think about?
  • I am considering changing sectors – what is the appropriate approach to take?
  • How can I improve my personal statement and CV?
  • I am going for an important job interview – what do I need to think about?
  • How do I find a job that matches my motivation and values?
  • What avenues should I use to find a new job?
  • How can I better prepare for my performance appraisal?

Book your session by logging in to Mina sidor (Swedish)

You can book three sessions in a 12-month period. Each session lasts about 45 minutes.

  • See also our step-by-step guide on the Careers pages (Swedish). Advice and support for the process – from planning your career to applying for your dream job.