Negotiation request

A negotiation request means that either the union or the employer makes a request to negotiate a certain matter with the other party. The receiving party is obliged to negotiate. The request should entail what you would like to negotiate and enclose all relevant attachments.

Please provide Ledarna with the necessary information, and one of our negotiators will aim to respond to you within a couple of working days.

Our negotiation request form has four steps. This will guide you through it.

1 State what the negotiation concerns

Be as brief as possible. State law, section, and your claim. Do not leave personal data in this step. Choose a category and subcategory for your negotiation.

2 About the negotiation

Choose in which city or council you wish for the negotiation to take place.

State the organisation number. If the case includes multiple locations, please state which locations are affected.

3 Affected members

If you already know who/which members are affected, we would like you to notify us. Please also state whether they have been informed of the situation or not. Generally, we do not provide membership lists upon request.

Supporting documents

A maximum of five (5) documents can be attached. We accept any standard Office files except Powerpoint documents, however Powerpoints may be saved as a PDF and then submitted.

4 Contact information

Contact person's name, telephone number, email address, and the full name of the company concerned.

Using the form is safe and in accordance with applicable law. Only authorised personnel at Ledarna will handle the data.

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