AI Beyond the Hype

What is the situation regarding the use of AI in Swedish companies and organisations? The report “AI Beyond the Hype” is based on a comprehensive survey, in which 5,000 managers respond to this question.

The report is one of the most comprehensive of its kind and provides a unique picture of AI development within Swedish companies and organisations.

“It is a nuanced picture that emerges – jobs will be transformed and reinvented, but they will not disappear, and this situation places demands on managers,” says Andreas Miller, General Secretary, Ledarna.

The results show not only what proportion of organisations are currently using AI, but also how far the transformation has actually progressed. Joakim Wernberg, the author of the report, works as a research manager at the Swedish Entrepreneur Forum and is also an affiliated researcher at the University of Lund. He points out that the study shows that most organisations are at an early stage of the AI process.

Read the report: AI Beyond the Hype

More about the report (in Swedish): AI bortom hypen