Managers: How you create success through effective body language

As a manager frequently presenting to various audiences, it’s crucial to effectively use your emotions, body language, and listening skills to connect with your audience. Learn how with this webinar.

The webinar was sent on April 18 2024 and will be available until April 2025.

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For managers, effective communication is about more than just giving instructions. It incorporates active listening to genuinely grasp varied viewpoints. It’s about nurturing trust, fostering relationships within your team, and steering members towards objectives. Adopting this communicative stance not only bolsters team cohesion but also elevates efficiency and tangible outcomes daily.

This approach emphasizes the importance of non-verbal cues in leadership and presentation skills.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • Using body language effectively can significantly enhance communication and achieve desired outcomes.
  • In any role – leadership, sales, management, or personal interactions – recognizing both spoken and unspoken messages is increasingly valuable.
  • Transforming natural leadership abilities into practical communication tools through awareness of body language enhances effectiveness.

Attending this webinar will provide insights into leveraging body language for improved communication, even in virtual settings.

About the speaker

Kurt Larsson is an international executive coach, workshop leader and board member with customers in London and Stockholm. He has previously worked with international sales in over 20 countries, for many years, winning many top sales awards.

He has also studied, taught, and coached in the use of body language for more than 20 years.

Also, for over 20 years, he has driven his own educational consulting company specializing in sales-, leadership-, customer service- and presentation training. The focus being on empowering your message with the reading and use of conscious body language.